Rehabilitation of Local Eco Systems in Japan

Environmental Cleaning ProductsJapan is cleaning up their tsunami-ravage land, and part of this process is moving heavy materials and replanting the soil underneath. While many projects are supported by massive moving equipment which is pulled in to remove debris and clear the landscape from the piles of displaced wood and metal and homes and vehicles, other groups are doing this by hand. Unfortunately moving equipment is so heavy that it tends to tear up the ground and the result is soil displacement. After everything has been moved, it becomes necessary to rebuild the soil, which may take years to finish before local citizens are able to plant and make a living off of this soil and grow their own food. Either process takes a great deal of time, but in the long run, it may actually take longer to move the material with heavy equipment rather than by hand because of the long-term damage this does to the land and the long-term land reconstruction which is then required.

What about moving this material and debris more quickly? As with any human effort, the more willing helpers the faster the massive amounts of material will be moved and the land planted and seeded by hand and the soil restored to its former glory. This is only possible through huge efforts on the part of volunteers, and it will require more man hours and more human energy than otherwise. A solution may be to divide the land into dwelling places and agricultural areas, clearing away the habitable city ground with this highly effective and faster moving equipment, and then clearing potential farmland by hand so as to preserve as much of the quality and substance in the soil as possible before plants take root in it and hold it firmly to the ground.

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