Knowing How to Care For Your Plants

Eco Friendly, Dishwashing Liquid, Anti-Bacterial Hand WashWhether you own a gardening company, a produce company, or you are simply looking to meet your personal plant care needs, it is important to fully understand all of the ways that your plants soak up nutrition, release oxygen into the air, grow bigger fruit, and produce healthier compost.

The first thing to consider is what type of herbicides and pesticides you will be using on your flowering or fruiting plants. This is important not only for the sake of human health and human exposure, but also for the sake of biodegradability and earth friendly compost and organic break down. When you use eco friendly agricultural and gardening products, they get the job done, but they also contribute to the process of organic decay after the plant has died or been harvested. This organic decay is essential in maintaining a healthy crop next year or next season, since it puts nutrients back into the soil for future plant growth.

The second thing to consider when caring for your plants is their soil treatment. Roots require both air and water to grow, and too little of either can be detrimental and cause puny development or even cause the plants die off if they do not receive enough of either resource. This is why even basic, small gardening pots contain specific potting soil which allows air to be trapped in the soil and aerate the roots, as well as providing moisture from watering. Many first time gardeners have made the mistake of digging up soil from their back yard to put into their gardening pots, but this soil does not always contain enough air for deep root growth and the initial shoots often die off before they even become full grown.

Lastly, one must consider how current plant growth can contribute to and affect future generations of plants or crops. This means that crop rotation must be carefully planned and executed, especially in consecutive dry seasons when not a lot of extraneous moisture is being returned to the soil, and it means that what you treat this season’s crop with must be adaptable to both the soil and next season’s crops. This means that biodegradable agricultural products really must be used from beginning to harvest time, or you may have unwanted leftover chemicals which will work their way further into the soil. Contact Envirosafe Solutions today for more information about eco friendly soil treatments: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.