Kid Friendly Green Activities

Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Glue RemoverBetween environmental warnings posted around high schools and what parts of the news your kids understand, they can really have a negative impression of environmental concerns and what it means to be self sufficient, take responsibility for your actions and do your part to preserve the healthy and sustainability of our planet. Fortunately, there are some kid friendly green activities you can do with your offspring during their younger years, which will help them to see this lifestyle in a positive, joy-filled light.

Help them grow a plant of their own. It is recommended that you actually acquire a small, fast-growing tree or a large plant which you have started from a seedling which will mature over a summer or two, at the longest. If it is large enough at full growth, it will be sturdy enough to plant outside as a seedling and from there, you can help your children measure the tree or bush and see how tall it is, how wide it is, and how big around the trunk is from week to week and month to month. They can really view the benefits of this activity, especially when animals begin to live in or near their plant.

Help them learn how to ask the right questions. Start your kids on the right track to finding out more about ecology by training them to ask the right questions when reviewing a business, product, or service. Teach them about carbon offsets, green washing, ethical business practices, and even help them to grasp real life experience by staging debates in your living room, acting as the business owner while they interview you. Later on, you can actually arrange interviews for them to do a little home study and gain real life experience on their own.

Help them try new things and experiment. Part of the learning process is making mistakes, and it is important to teach your kids how to make mistakes in a safe environment where their creative juices are not stifled. Ask your children for ways they think that your family will be better able to protect the environment, use all seven steps of the scientific method when testing their different hypotheses, and document all of the experiments and controls for each project, so that they can learn firsthand the best ways of being eco friendly in their own homes as adults.

Help them compare and contract different cultural practices. Whether you take them traveling overseas, or you simply know a lot about history, help them learn how to research and compare different cultural practices for being eco friendly, from rice paddy ducks in China to crop fertilization in Egypt. This will give them a world perspective and it will help them to realize that being environmentally conscious is a lot bigger than their small world, and that everyone is participating in it.

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