From biofuels to eco products – greener skies for aviation industry

Environmental Cleaning Products, Eco Friendly Industrial LiquidAustralia could develop an aviation biofuels industry that was both economically and environmentally sustainable according to a new report by the CSIRO. The study highlights new opportunities for the aviation industry to reduce fossil fuel reliance. Teamed with other environmental initiatives (such as eco-friendly industrial products) it promises a greener way to take to the skies.

An Australia-New Zealand aviation biofuels industry could cut greenhouse emissions by 17 per cent and reduce Australia’s aviation fuel imports by $2 billion over the next 20 years.

The new industry would also generate more than 12,000 jobs.

The CSIRO study paints a promising outlook for aviation at a time when air travel has come under increased scrutiny over carbon emissions. The green revolutionof tomorrow’s aviation industry incorporates new, more aerodynamic aircraft technology.

“This study (the Flight Path to sustainable Aviation) highlights promising options for the aviation industry,” CSIRO project leader and economist Paul Graham.“It also identifies the market, infrastructure and governance changes that will be required for success.

“Through the uptake of sustainable bio-derived jet fuel, together with next generation aircraft and engines, the industry can reduce both its emissions and its reliance on imported fossil fuel.”

While biofuels and aircraft design look set to shape the future of sustainable air-travel, simple changes today also promise to make an environmental difference.

Initiatives such as carbon offset flights have allowed air passengers to reduce their carbon footprint as they travel the globe.

By paying a voluntary charge when booking tickets, passengers on many of Australia’s airlines – including Qantas and Virgin – can contribute to carbon reduction schemes.

Airlines can also employ best environmental practice at airports and hangers to reduce environmental footprint.

A switch to environmental cleaning products can make a big difference to air, soil and water pollution, better protect equipment and improve safety for staff and passengers.

Eco-friendly industrial liquids are biodegradable, safe and minimise the build-up of residual toxicity, which contributes to corrosion on plant and equipment –a significant safety concern for those in charge of aircraft maintenance.

Harsh solvent-based cleaners or products containing fluoride or chlorine can be replaced by environmentally friendly cleaners to reduce environmental impacts.

Leading Australian supplier Envirosafe Solutions has products which can safely and effectively replace most traditional aircraft and airport cleaners.

Its range includes the fully biodegradable and non-toxic Extreme Green Insect and Tar Remover. Safe for use on all painted surfaces and plastic and rubber components, it should be applied diluted at 1:10 parts water and left for five minutes before being wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. It makes an economical all-purpose spray and wipe cleaner when diluted at 1:50 parts water.

Research into sustainable technology – including biofuels – and a simple switch to safe, biodegradable eco-products promises a greener future for Australia’s aviation industry. For advice on eco-friendly aviation liquids contact Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 88 90 70 or email