Airlines oppose European carbon tax

Rust Remover, Radiator Coolant, Dishwasher Rinse AidEurope’s carbon tax scheme has hit strong turbulence, with countries including the US, China and Australia opposing the measures. Today we look at how simple, affordable measures including the use of environmental cleaning products, can produce a more sustainable aviation industry

Qantas has opposed a new carbon tax on airlines introduced by European Union as part of its Emissions Trading Scheme.

The airline has said its passengers would now face carbon taxes in Australia, Europe and New Zealand. The cost of the European carbon charge will add a $5 levy to the cost of a one-way fare to Europe. Australia’s carbon tax will be offset through a $3.50 levy on domestic fares.

The Federal Government has also opposed the EU carbon tax and instead called for a global tax to be levied through the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The United States and China continue to oppose the tax, with China banning its national carriers from complying.

Eco-friendly industry

Eco-friendly carbon tax schemes levied on fuel, gas and coal are aimed at promoting environmental change among heavy polluters.

Australia’s aviation industry has already adopted sustainable measures, including the investigation of new technologies such as biofuels made from plant matter and best-practice flights that reduce emissions.

Research has shown that reducing air-time by even a few minutes can produce significant fuel savings.

Small changes on the ground such as choosing eco-friendly industrial liquids can also reduce environmental impacts. Environmental cleaning products can also boost eco-friendly credentials and improve health outcomes for staff.

Perth-based Envirosafe Solutions is a leading supplier of eco-friendly liquid products which are not only safe for the environment, but for aircraft. Corrosive cleaners can damage a plane’s bodywork over time and create safety risks.

Insect and Tar Remover

The Envirosafe range includes its popular Extreme Green Insect and Tar Remover which safely and effectively removes debris from windscreens, lights and paintwork. It is safe to use on all paint, plastic and rubber components when used as directed.

Kitchen cleaners

The Extreme Green kitchen range is an ideal choice for airports and includes non-caustic, non-foaming dishwasher powder which is safe for septic systems.

Difficult bathroom stains, such as shower scum, can be easily tackled with the Extreme Green GelCleanSanitiser, which penetrates quickly to clean away unsightly and unsanitary stains without harsh acids or petro-solvents.

Initiatives such as carbon tax schemes demonstrate a commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions but have financial impacts on heavy polluting industries and consumers. Simple measures such as switching to eco-friendly industrial liquids and cleaning products offer an affordable way to boost environmental credentials while creating a more eco-friendly legacy. For more information on environmental solutions for the aviation industry, contact Envirosafe Solutions’ on 1300 88 90 70 or email