Why to Avoid Alcohol-Based Sanitisers

These days we all seem to be raging germaphobes. Everyone is a bit paranoid in the wake of SARS, bird flu, swine flue and all the other nasty bugs getting around. Hand sanitisers have begun popping up left right and centre. You’ll find foam dispensers in schools, offices, kitchens – everywhere. More and more people are carrying those little bottles of sanitising gel.

The attraction of these products is obvious. They are instant, no-fuss germ killers, and don’t even need to be rinsed off with water. Who wouldn’t take advantage of such convenience? There is one serious problem with hand sanitisers, however. Most of them are alcohol-based and potentially very dangerous if used improperly.

While the ethanol and propanol in hand sanitisers are very effective at killing bacteria, they pose all the same risks as any other alcoholic product. Many sanitisers contain upwards of 60% alcohol, and some contain as much as 90%.[1] These products are comparable in strength to kerosene and methylated spirits – controlled substances which are sold in childproof bottles with big ‘POISON’ labels on them. That’s a connection that may be lost on some people: alcohol-based hand sanitisers are a poison like any other.

You wouldn’t let your kids get into the liquor cabinet, and you definitely wouldn’t let them near a bottle of metho. Unfortunately, leaving alcohol-based sanitisers lying around can be just as dangerous. There is a high risk of alcohol poisoning from accidental ingestion – and we all know kids love sticking strange things in their mouths. Even sucking thumbs and biting fingernails is risky business if those hands are exposed to alcoholic sanitisers.

Alcohol also poses a serious risk of eye damage.[2] If you’ve ever accidentally rubbed your eyes with fresh sanitiser on your hands, you’ll know that it’s not a pleasant experience. In larger quantities your eyes will suffer more than just irritation. Children are particularly susceptible to this type of mishap.

Pretty grim stuff, but there is some good news. Very good news, in fact: Alcohol-based sanitisers are completely unnecessary. The same antibacterial power can be found in various organic biocides, such as benzalkonium chloride. These agents are lethal to bacteria and completely safe for humans. Studies have even suggested that non-alcoholic sanitisers are more effective at killing germs and viruses than their traditional ethanol and propanol-based counterparts.[3]

So there really is no sense at all in continuing to use poisonous alcoholic sanitisers. Envirosafe Solutions has an alcohol-free alternative that will keep you and your loved ones safe and germ-free. Do your family a favour and make the switch today. Call them on 1300 88 90 70

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