Update on Carbon

The ice is melting.  Polar caps are shrinking, and sea levels rise incrementally year by year. Our beloved Happy Feet fellows – the large Antarctic penguin colonies – are under threat, with researchers predicting nesting and feeding grounds virtually non-existent within a few generations.[1]

The evidence is there – our world is warming – and yet debate continues to rage within the scientific community in relation to reasons, scientific evidence and most importantly, sound, solutions based approaches to this pressing issue.

While Prime Minister Gillard firmly espouses the pressing needs for a climate tax in order to reduce greenhouse emissions, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott maintains the Liberal Party stance with a point-blank refusal to succumb, citing the effect on Australian Industry would be too gutting. Independent MP Tony Windsor believes first phase of the solution lies in a more eclectic approach involving full discussion of all options, with a combination of carbon tax and investment in renewable energies paving the way for the stimulation growth of a new green and renewable industries sector in Australia. [2]

Dr. Megan Clark, CEO of Australia’s National Science agency, the CSIRO, follows an even more holistic line with the Integrated Carbon Pathways model, launched at Greenhouse 2011 recently (4th April 2011.) As well as providing integrated assessment frameworks and models, Integrated Carbon Pathways will also see a range of projects focused on developing a deeper understanding of particular science areas such as climate systems, carbon cycles, water and heat exchanges, and marine and terrestrial ecosystems, to name but a few.[3]

Bjorn Lomberg,[4] adjunct Professor at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre maintains the real solution must be found in the development of new and exciting breakthrough technologies in the next twenty to forty years. And whether one agrees with Lomberg or not, cutting edge approaches certainly seem viable as a component part of the solution.

Envirosafe Solutions is one such company working with the environment and its current challenges, as opposed to against. Standing at the forefront of cutting edge approaches to industry in the green era, Envirosafe Solutions produces sustainable, green products that are eco-friendly, thereby increasing your own business reputation, and tangibly reducing your environmental impact in real and meaningful ways. It is an approach that may well already accord with an integrated pathways model, which seeks to develop a holistic and viable approach to the pressing environmental issues facing Australia and the planet.

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