Eco-Education and Biodiversity – Implications for WA Industry and Business.

In early 2011 Western Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley stated “the only way to change how our culture thinks and acts on conserving biodiversity is through eco-education.”[1] Education and consequent alteration to our industry, business and home practices is vital if we are to survive as a planet in the coming centuries.

So, what can industry do to be a part of this change?

At Envirosafe Solutions, the issue of Eco-Education is taken extremely seriously. And, as a result, it has positioned itself as an industry leader in relation to environmentally safe and sound practices, with a twofold rationale.  Envirosafe Solutions is not only committing to an active and strategic response to the current global environmental crisis, (which management regards as both a moral and ethical duty,) but it also exemplifies a “lead by example” model that has the capacity to influence other companies, clients and industries to follow a similar line. Its strategies and approaches to environmental issues therefore have an educational role and component – one that “brushes off” on other businesses and industries and in turn acts as a catalyst and motivator for ongoing green culture evolution in the Australian business and industry sector.

The West Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Conservation has recently set up the Eco-Education program with an aim to foster appreciation for the natural environment.” [2] While this program primarily targets school-aged children of primary and high school age, it also emphasises in the field experience and excursions/programs for students and their teachers. And the implications for future industry and business practice are huge. “The programs are designed to generate interest in and action for biodiversity conservation, sustainable living and practical ways to act on conservation issues,”[3] which  in turn, translates to a more biodiversity- aware adult working population in Western Australia in years to come.

As Professor Beazley noted as the Mid West Science Summit in Geraldton in 2010, “…it is important we continue raising awareness of the importance of bio-diversity for human well-being.”[4] Maintaining our biodiversity is key to our ongoing survival, and this is particularly relevant to West Australian business and industry because of the state’s reputation worldwide as a biodiversity hotspot. “Rich biodiversity environments are also important for economic wellbeing, with industries such as tourism and fishing and pearling among them,[5] ” Professor Beazley concluded.

Our future depends upon eco-education programs and approaches such as those developed by the West Australian government, and by companies such as Envirosafe Solutions, respectively. Across the board multi-generational education and influence is undoubtedly the way forward, particularly in Australia, where our reputation as a biodiversity hotspot has implications for the economic, industry and health standards of the population.

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