Water-Wise in the 21st Century.

More than ever, we live in an era of increasing social, cultural, legislative and political demands in relation to the wise use of water. Our continent is a dry one; it always has been and always will be. And with increasing concerns about water management and availability, it’s clear we need to activate appropriate measures and responses to what is not only a national but a global problem.

Overview of diversified urban water supply options.

© Water Research Foundation, USA – source: Manual for Adopting Integrated Urban Water Management for Planning.

Across Australia, in households and businesses and industry, the expectation is clear. We expect ourselves and each other to treat water as a natural and limited resource, as nature’s gift, requiring our respect, care and active concern. Without doubt, the socio-cultural perspective on water has shifted permanently, and where once it was acceptable to trickle any old liquid down our drains, today we remain clear in our view that living with water-wise awareness is the Australian way to go.

In a recent 2006 National Water Commission report, key findings about water reuse pointed specifically to the need for:

  • Research that is focused on filling knowledge gaps in the areas associated with the longevity and potential impact of contaminant chemicals in water supplies and in technologies that make drinking water and recycled water safer for intended purpose;
  • Reviews of chemical hazards, risks and possible management responses to the use of recycled water and stormwater for potable use (including endocrine disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and complex chemical mixtures); and
  • Social science investigations focused around issues including demand management, acceptability of recycling and technology adoption, and that can be used to build community confidence in the safety of recycled water for a range of purposes.[1]

It is with this information in view, that Envirosafe Solutions has developed quality liquid products that do not contain any mineral acids, phosphates or solvents. Their Extreme Green range of products are non-hazardous, environmentally biodegradable and in keeping with the socio-cultural, industry and legislative demands and requirements of the Australian community.

With Envirosafe Solutions products, you can be assured the liquid products entering our drains are chemically safe and secure and suitable for future recycling. Community confidence is ensured enabling us all to move towards a more water-wise and wealthy Australian future.
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[1]Chartres, Colin J. A Strategic Science Framework for the National Water Commission.

Science Advisor, National Water Commission, Canberra. 2006.  http://www.nwc.gov.au/resources/documents/Science-strategy-for-NWC-PUB-0406.pdf