Making a Difference: Green Advertising to Green Action

Catch phrases like going green and eco-friendly and sustainability are bandied about in the commercial and retail sectors with increasing regularity. But how do we really make a difference and how do we really convert advertising rhetoric into tried and true and consolidated green action?  How can we distinguish between those companies that are simply maintaining a “green stance” because it is good for business, and those that actually produce products that are in fact environmentally sound and responsible?

Most of us, as consumers, are increasingly concerned about the plight of our environment, the need for change in domestic and industry practices and most importantly, the legacy we leave to future generations. At Envirosafe Solutions, these considerations are not simply peripheral concerns, but stand at the heart of modern and up to date business and industry practices and ethics – truly aligned with environmentally sound approaches.

In 2009, the Australian consumer watchdog, CHOICE, began a campaign aimed at:

  • Providing consumers with information to confidently make greener decisions.
  • Identifying and investigating vague, confusing, false, or misleading green claims.
  • Lobbying government and business to improve the standard of green claims.[1]

In view of this, we move into a realm where advertising must transform into true action.

As environmental issues take centre stage, the switch away from toxic to lower impact products – whilst maintaining standard and effectiveness, is assumed and expected. It’s also regarded as essential to industry best practice. At Envirosafe Solutions, products such as Sure Dip-Rust Remover use new organic acid technology to safely remove and draw all rust and corrosion off metal surfaces. Instead of an outmoded use of mineral based additives, Envirosafe Solutions has developed this product using safer, organic acids which are water-based and therefore fully biodegradable. This in turn cuts disposal costs, increases disposal efficiency and is far less harmful to our waterways and groundwater systems.

When seeking out and sourcing environmentally-friendly products, be sure to do your homework.  Also, check the Envirosafe Solutions range of products with the ‘Envirosafe Rating’ – derived from the standard Worksafe Australia MSDS. This particular system of grading is designed to assist with the purchase of the right product, with ratings for OHS, Environment, and Transport and Shipping – primary issues for all commercial and domestic buyers.  With Envirosafe Solutions, you can be assured of quality products that are cost effective and part of a real green action plan.  Call Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 88 90 70.

[1] CHOICE online, 27th Nov. 2009.