Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression remains a constant concern for industry in Australia and vigilance is a necessity.  Given our arid conditions, our national focus on mining and haulage and also agriculture impacted by current climatic changes, the suppression of airborne dust stands as a health issue that is industry specific and also socially and environmentally relevant. Here at Envirosafe Solutions, we have developed and perfected quality dust suppression agents tailored to our Australian conditions and suitable for road base application, agricultural soil-wetting and even fire-fighting/street-sweeping.

Recent focus on dust management in the mining industry in NSW 2010, called for a healthy re-consideration of how we address and manage airborne dust-particles in the second millennium. It was found the implementation of dust-monitoring “could be used to assess the effectiveness of measures used to prevent or minimize dust. A regular review of dust-monitoring data encourages adaptive management and continuous improvement.”[1] Best practice behooves industry to constantly adapt and improve as outlined, and Envirosafe Solutions Extreme Green Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor does just that.

Suitable for use in various road construction and maintenance tasks and also the mining sector, as well as earth works and soil-wetting in the agriculture sector, Extreme Green Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor is extremely low-impact, and unlike other acid based dust suppression agents, can be transported in tankers also used to cart household drinking water. With an Envirosafe maximum four-star safety rating, Extreme Green Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor not only performs the job at optimum standard, but also adheres to current social and cultural expectations and industry standards in relation to green industry and practice. And with 2% of all sales donated to Carbon Neutral – a not-for-profit organisation working tirelessly to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions, you know you are using a quality product produced by a company whose actions speak as loud – if not louder – than their words.[2]

With an indefinite shelf life if stored in cool and dry well-ventilated locations away from sunlight Extreme Green Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor arrives in quantities suitable to your needs. (4litre –1000litre capacities.)  From small to large amounts, Extreme Green Soil Wetta/Dust Suppressor stands as one of the most cost-effective, long-lasting and environmentally friendly wetting agent/suppressors on the Australian market.

Expert staff at Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with your needs in relation to dust management and suppression. Call 1300 88 90 70 now, for more quality advice and information.

[1] Environmental Compliance and Performance Report, 2010.Management of Dust from Coalmines. Pp.19. Department of Environment and Climate Change and Water NSW, in collaboration with NSW Department of Planning and Industry and Investment, NSW. www.environment.nsw.gov.au

[2] Carbon Footprint Policy, Envirosafe Solutions. www.envirosafesolutions.com.au/about_menu.php?id=8