Pompeii Again: China Dinosaurs and Volcanic Ash

Environmentally Friendly LiquidsHow do you perfectly preserve a species, a land, a culture, and a people after it has been wiped out by a volcano? Well, the answer lies in volcanic ash. You see, if toxic gas and fine ash suffocate the animals first, the n their dead bodies can be easily transported into lake beds and into conditions where oxygen cannot reach them.

The prehistoric plethora of animals found in China reveals many of them to be in superb condition and to be perfectly preserved, even preserving parts of animals which are usually the first to decay, such as skin, feathers, and other important identifying features. These paleontologists are very lucky, indeed.

What sorts of animals were uncovered? It has revealed pterosaurs, dinosaurs, and early birds and mammals. Some of the links of evolution, cross species breeding, and separation of species into unique categories and separate species can be revealed by these findings. This is truly one of the best finds in the world right now. Archeologists and scientists will be able to construct massive amounts of details and timelines and data from these perfectly preserved bodies. In fact, in addition these good events, scientists will be able to test former theories about some of these dinosaurs and early mammals and birds in order to determine if they were correct in their logical reasoning which was based, sometimes, entirely upon the bone structure and what those animals would have been using as body coverings and skin or hide.

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