Rabbit Infestations and Having Enough for Everyone

Insect & Tar RemoverAnyone who has ever studied or understood the rapidly replicating properties of chaos theory will tell you that nature is wildly abundant. For instance, one apple tree produces thousands and thousands of seeds throughout its lifetime. Those seeds may or may not end up in the form of trees, but all of that potential is still there. That is an amazing gift for new growth and new development on a wildly generous and abundant basis.

If, however, you think of rabbit infestations, it is hard to think of nature as having nearly enough to compensate for all of the rabbit feastings which keep going on all around you. So, in the end, is nature abundant or not?

The answer lies in a greater eco system than just plant based turnaround. When rabbits are safe and protected, it is easy for them to reproduce and need to feed their young whatever green things they can find. However, when predators (the larger circle of life) come around, rabbits must either keep on the move throughout their lifetimes, or they will at least not feel safe enough to flourish like wildfire.

The thing about gardens is that man-made creations often keep away predators, and so rabbits and other little furry pests may feel safe enough to set up camp, permanently. The answer lies in just how big your garden is, just how big the rabbit population is, and how much you need to change the ratio between the two in order to produce enough human food for everyone’s satisfaction.

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