Pilgrimages in the Middle East

Insect & Tar RemoverFor countless centuries, a pilgrimage has been defined as a long and arduous journey through many different locations, where the individual contemplates their role in this world and begins their life anew.

Pilgrimages are meant to be rites of passage, where each person is able to come to their own understanding of personal growth. However, in order to attain this clarity, people often find it to be important to get away from luxuries and eases of living so that they can fully concentrate on their personal growth.

Making long journeys through deserts and over harsh terrain (like the desert at night) can be one of the best ways to pull away life’s conveniences and make oneself ready for some inner realization. Pilgrimages under these conditions can be made especially powerful by the surrounding environment…or lack thereof.

Often, when we talk about sustainability on the planet, we are talking about maintaining green, permanent environments in order to stay desertification. However, even if we undo a lot of desertification in the world, we will still happily have some deserts left in which to search our inner souls. It is important to always remember that there really is a place and time for every type of environment under the sun. We just don’t want to make a habit out of creating desert environments around us. They are especially difficult to undo.

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