We all know the environmental issues that have arisen because of that common kitchen product called dishwashing liquid. Used numerous times each day in every household across Australia, its effects upon our water supplies and our network of streams and rivers and catchment areas are well documented.(1) At a time when water is in scant supply, it’s more important than ever to consider the products we use and pour down our drains.

While dishwashing liquids keep our kitchen utensils sparkling and free from a build-up of dirt, grease, food particles and grime, they also have the potential to pollute, and can cause extensive over-enrichment of waterways and sources by eutrophication. Too many phosphates result in a nasty flourish of microbes, which in turn disrupts the finely balanced food chain and results in algal blooms and de-oxygenation of water supplies.(2)

Well, that is exactly what happens with standard shelf detergents containing phosphates and other chemicals.

But there is an alternative to this scenario in the form of an eco-friendly phosphate free product – Encvirosafe’s Extreme Green Dishwasher Liquid.

Envirosafe’s Extreme Green Dishwasher Liquid offers the cleanest alternative to standard dishwasher liquids. A highly active machine liquid, it has an indefinite shelf life when stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated locations. This means you can purchase in bulk quantities of up to 1,000litres if you are a commercial concern, or purchase as little as 4 litres if your uses are small scale and domestic. And because it does not contain potentially life threatening chemicals such as Caustic or Chlorine (3), it is gentler on skin and less harmful to householders or employees of large-scale commercial concerns. This translates to a healthier home and healthier workplace environment and workforce, which then spins off into increased profits and company stability.

The benefits of using Envirosafe Extreme Green Dishwasher Liquid speak for themselves. It has a 100% biodegradability ranking and can be used in hard and soft water as well as in septic tanks, so it’s ideal for remote/rural regions and use “off the beaten track.”  Just follow the easy directions. And with an Envirosafe across the board “SAFE” rating, you can be assured it will not only benefit commercial concerns, but do so without compromising the delicate system that is at the heart of a healthy environment.

For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can help you with your cleaning needs please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

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