Your Own Innovation

Your Own InnovationLet us say that you have graduated from a school, with a major in design or a studied field in technology. Your training would involve old or modern systems, using simple design techniques, and from the very beginning you will be trained to think for yourself, about yourself, and come up with new innovation right there on the spot. If you graduated from a top tier university, then chances are that you have had plenty of practice with design and innovation, and are ready for a high quality job in a highly competitive field.

Let us say that the above scenario does not, in fact, apply to you at all.

You may believe that innovation and design in technology is something which sounds good, but is best left for the engineers and the smart people who know what they are doing.


Design and innovation is for everyone. You can bring innovation to your own world in much the same way that you can learn new things by reading books and watching documentaries. To limit yourself because you do not feel as if you have the necessary knowledge or skills is to be…for lack of a better way to put it…lazy. You CAN bring innovation to your personal and professional life, and you CAN bring innovation to the world itself.

Some of the most powerful concepts or movements were started by one blog posted online or by one idea which was licensed and sold and developed by a large company into a mass produced consumer good. This is part of everyday life. This is normal.

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