The Agri-Business and 2012 Droughts

Agriculture often relies upon weather in order to function and/or flourish. There really isn’tEco Friendly anything else which it depends upon more than weather.

Let’s look at some examples of this fact:

Storms, especially heavy storms which bring hail, can severely affect crops, and can bring a period of severe food shortage to any part of the agricultural industry.

As we have seen in the United States and in other parts of the world, cyclones do not just affect Australia. Cyclones can come inland after they have built up over time, and can cause massive destruction which only flood insurance can really hope to cover. Cyclones brings such high winds and such a massive force of water that even if flooding is temporarily not a problem, there is still damage which is had by such massively high winds which can even rip many plants out of the ground or drop things in the field.

Large amounts of rain can lead to flooding, especially in a typically dry area with sandy soil.

This past year, there have been numerous droughts all over the world, and we are looking at numerous more in the future. Thanks to global warming, many lakebeds and rivers are dried up, and many eco systems destroyed which would have normally helped keep water held in the soil.

Droughts and rain can even be damaging to shipments, even when they follow each other consecutively. Massive rain can slow down shipments of a crop which has already been affected by drought. This past year, certain types of coffee were in short supply because of the above scenario. Farmers prepared themselves by investing in their businesses at cheaper rates in preparation for the price rising due to shortages. There is always a flow of supply and demand, and if you can look ahead, you can be quite successful from this continuous cycle.

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