U.S. Intentions for Sustainable Energy

U.S. president Barack Obama is renewed for another four year term in office, and his planU.S. Intentions for Sustainable Energy for environmental safety is continuing. In his first term, President Obama has described a twenty year initiative in order to bring the United States up to par with European countries regarding ecological sustainability. His government financed incentives to businesses have been numerous and varied, but after his initial term in office, enthusiasm for these tax breaks slowly began to fall. Apparently, the glamour of the situation died in the eyes of Americans, and now the U.S. is deciding which alternative fuel and alternative energy path to take, now that Obama is renewed for the next four years.

The United States as a whole is repeatedly lagging in resources and technological development which can be broadly and uniformly implemented across businesses and, more widely, across industries. Their thirst for change is apparent, but the animosity between the private sector and the bureaucratic regime makes for difficulty in coming to a truce. Obviously enough, the politics of the situation help to cloud things even further. One major party in the U.S. is for the rights of the individual and the private sector, while the sole truly opposing party is in support of government funded programs and fascist solutions to be implemented. While Obama has made some extremely innovative improvements on the eco friendly movement in the U.S., he is met with disapproval concerning his government-based programs from at least fifty percent of the American population.

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