Warm Air Rises: A Business Study of Pollution

In all business, both executives and accountants alike understand the value of purchasing high quality equipment which will last for a long time and willEco Friendly deliver higher quality results. Any machinery purchased must go into the accounting books a certain way. The equipment is kept on the books as if the value of it does not actually decrease over time, when we all know that the longer your company has it and the more use it has on it, the less valuable it becomes over time. Wear and tear takes its toll, not just on equipment, but on all non-monetary, non-human purchases. Obviously, investments can retain their value over time, and so can valuable assets such as employees who become more knowledgeable and better at their jobs over time. These would be examples of assets which do not necessarily lose value over time, but we can all agree that equipment and machinery fall into the decreasing value category.

Now, in order to address the study of pollution, we must examine a few basic truths. Warm air rises. Minerals and chemical pollutants in machinery eventually cause degradation of the machinery. Lubricants and fans are used to cool down equipment so that it does not overheat and burn. And, lastly, machinery devalues over time, naturally.

In order to keep your business equipment running smoothly for the time period which it is supposed to work during, you must apply a lot of different chemical to the parts in order to keep them running smoothly. To keep from overheating, multi-purpose lubricant must be applied. Over time, this lubricant will become dirty, and will need to be cleaned before fresh lubricant can be applied. You would use a solvent free degreaser to wash everything off before applying more. For equipment with engines, you would need diesel bug killer, fuel conditioner, and radiator coolant. You will probably need radiator cleaner, too. After all, the equipment has to last, right?

The good news is that you can have all of these things.

You can have them in eco friendly form.

Yes, we’re talking about environmentally friendly liquids.

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