Dealing with Saltwater Buildup

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsSaltwater buildup can be a real problem, since so many minerals in the water can form, dry, and layer on surfaces to prevent visibility or to prevent machinery from working.

Saltwater can cause a lot of damage if it is not controlled by cleaning chemicals in moving parts. The ocean does not just have salt in it, but many organic compounds, not to mention microscopic or small creatures which feed and die upon machinery. Look at any ship which has run aground, and you will see all kinds of buildup.

Fresh water buildup does not contain the same compounds as saltwater buildup, but it can be just as damaging. Any person who works on a fishing boat knows the difference between the two. Not every business is okay with their ships and boats looking (and smelling) like a fishing boat, either. However, there is a certain functionality to the fishing boat’s crust. You cannot keep that sort of boat clean, so you might as well let the layers build up. However, if you do not keep the machinery and engines clean and working, then you could end up in a tricky situation where you cannot move, and help is not immediately around. Those who know sailing know the importance of keeping your rigging in order, and those who are in our marines know the necessity of keeping the glass clean. On large cruisers and on naval ships, filtering saltwater is a must, and engine maintenance is also necessary.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we carry eco friendly industrial liquid for all of your sea faring (or river faring) adventures. Our marine glass cleaner and fuel conditioner are just two examples of chemical solutions which can go a long way on your ship. Glue remover, industrial hand cleaner, and radiator coolant and radiator cleaner are some others. It is so vital to both prevent the ocean from entering and keep our toxic chemicals out of the water. That is why Envirosafe Solutions provides environmental cleaning products for your use, and we recommend our mould rid for just this sort of purpose. To find out more about saltwater damage and our ways of helping your company enterprise, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.