The Power of Water

The Power of WaterAll over our planet, every day, water demonstrates its mighty and awesome power. Rivers push barges which are hundreds of tons in weight steadily downstream. Oceans crash against the shore and the rocks, and cause complete destruction of anything willing to stand in the way. Rain seeps through roofs and freezing rain can actually cause very real and widespread property damage. We all know what hail can do. Hail of any great size is dangerous and even fatal to humans, since being struck in the head by a baseball sized hailstone having fallen from a great distance can knock you out or actually pound you to death. Tides flow in time with the heavenly pull, but they remain right where they are: in the ocean.

Any sailor can testify to the dangers of hitting an iceberg when on a sailboat or steam engine out in the middle of the ocean. So, frozen water floating in the middle of unfrozen water can cost thousands of lives. That’s a lot of power. That’s a lot of influence.

Water controls our lives, really.

When we dump harmful chemicals into our drinking water, when we pour harsh chemical compounds down our drains into the sewer system, and when we don’t take care of the water we have, then water tends to dry up in our area and become less than usable.

Eco friendly liquid products, like the kind distributed by us, are the way to go when respecting the power of water. Environmentally friendly liquids which help water clean, like toilet bowl cleaner, mineral deposit remover, fabric conditioner, and multi-purpose lubricant, really strengthen the power of water, because they don’t attack what water can do. They clean and maintain, just like water does, but they are also safe for the planet, which significantly increases how well they do with natural resources like water, air, earth, and biodegradable factors.

Like Mother Nature says, “Treat me with respect, and I’ll treat you with respect.”

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