The menace of graffiti and how to remove it.

Graffiti is a menace that plagues too many communities in Australia. Most business owners will be familiar with that sinking feeling:  you arrive to work on Monday morning to discover your office or shopfront covered in spray-painted obscenities or ‘Tags’. Nothing drives customers away like an unsightly mess splattered across your place of business.

This unfortunate situation needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively. You simply can’t afford to leave graffiti unattended in the public view. Understandably, there’s a huge market for graffiti removal products. Cleaning up graffiti can be a precarious business, however. Many traditional removal products are loaded with toxic chemicals and harsh acids. Sure, they’ll get rid of the graffiti, but these products pose a serious health risk the operator and the soils that they drain into.

What’s more, corrosive substances can often remove more than the spray paint, causing damage to the treated surfaces that ends up looking even worse than the graffiti did! Many people simply can’t be bothered with the hassle, and pay top dollar for a professional graffiti removal service. But why shell out all that cash, and risk damaging your health and property, when you can get the job done yourself in a safe and economical manner?

Extreme Green Graffiti Remover (formerly Exit Tag) is a powerful and versatile DIY graffiti remover that the professionals use, effective against the whole arsenal of vandalism tools: spray paint, permanent marker, ink, crayon, liquid paper . . . the list goes on. Graffiti artists are forever thinking up new areas and surfaces to desecrate, but fear not, because Extreme Green Graffiti Remover (formerly Exit Tag) works on them all. The product can be used on brick, wood, glass, metal, perspex, masonry and just about anywhere else the little devils aim their cans at.

Extreme Green Graffiti Remover  is a rapid acting solution. There’ll be no standing around waiting for results – this product works in under three minutes. It’s a simple matter of applying the undiluted solution, watching the graffiti disappear, and then rinsing it all off with a high pressure hose. Because Extreme Green Graffiti Remover contains only nonhazardous solvents, there’s no need for a full body suit of protective clothing that you see some graffiti removalists wearing. It’s a user-friendly product that gets the job done with minimal hassle and mess.

Don’t tolerate that hideous graffiti at your workplace, or pay through the nose unnecessarily to have it removed. With Extreme Green Graffiti Remover you keep your surfaces graffiti-free. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with graffiti removal, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.