Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser

If you work in a commercial kitchen, you probably spend more time cleaning than you’d like to. Grease and burnt-on foodstuffs can build up very quickly on a heavily-used griddle or stovetop ‘spiders’. And it can be absolute hell trying to clean them off. Long-term carbon deposits can feel as if they’re welded to the metal. How many hours have you spent madly scrubbing at a dirty great lump of black stuff on your stovetop – with meagre results to show for your pain and sweat.

Surely there’s an easier way! Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser is a soaking cleaner that does all of that hard work for you. Forget the elbow grease and sweaty brow, simply drop your soiled equipment into a heated soak tank, add the required dose of Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser, then sit back and relax while nature takes its course. This product eats away at grease, oil and carbon with the kind of power that no amount of scrubbing can match. Your griddles and stovetops will emerge looking brand new and sparkling. Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser is also highly effective at removing grease from extraction fan filters and grills.

There’s a multitude of products out there that perform the same function as Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser, but ours has an important difference. Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser is made entirely from environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients. While most products that cut through grease and carbon, they rely on harsh and toxic chemicals to do the work, however we don’t like that so we’ve taken an all-natural approach.

It’s a safe bet that any cleaning product you use in the kitchen is going straight into our waterways. petro-solvents and mineral acids – the base ingredients of many degreasers and cleaners – are extremely harmful to our environment. They travel through our water system, killing marine life and fostering poisonous algae blooms, and eventually contaminate our soil and air as well.

Using these products is a huge risk to the environment, and completely unnecessary when there are safe alternatives like Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser available. Because Extreme Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser is non-polluting, it’s ideal for use in remote areas where septic systems are used and disposal of chemicals is an issue.

You need to keep your kitchen clean and functional. What you don’t need to do is pollute the earth and compromise the health of your staff and customers in the process. Envirosafe Solutions specialises in eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective, affordable and safe for everyone involved. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with commercial kitchen cleaning, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.