Adaptability in Business

Adaptability in BusinessCircuit City, RadioShack and Yahoo are all businesses which have gained popularity for some time, then fallen out of favor, and ended up almost going out of business…or which went out of business, for one of them. The truth is, a consumer market, or a market of any kind, needs competitive discernment between businesses. Each company should know what the other is doing, to either emulate them or jumpstart them, but if you walk into business with your eyes closed, then you may find yourself in the position of the above companies. Groupon used to be all the rage. Now, it’s shareholders are looking for a good way to get out and sell out.

Businesses have to be adaptable to change. Without adaptability, there is something which will hold you back: A fear of change or a fear of too much development and too much innovation passing you by. No company wishes to be the prehistoric dinosaur of the technology industry, however many businesses in all industries are not aware of their fear of change.

Unfortunately, that effect is strong in all industries, including any eco friendly businesses, even ones which are non-profit and sponsored by specific donations. Make the earth a better place is no less businesslike than running a multinational company across the globe. Both benefit the earth, but one does it more directly than the other. Making note of little changes in your office cleaning supplies, such as glass cleaner or antibacterial hand wash, and in your jobsite, such as glue remover and fuel conditioner, can really make things go the extra mile. It is important to understand that being eco friendly means holding yourself and your business accountable at every level, not just the public sight. The truth, after all, has a way of creeping to the surface.

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