Ranching on Desert Land

Laundry PowderRanching on desert land is similar to the pasturing techniques which are now being employed worldwide to rebuild grasslands and to help the land reverse desertification. Ranching involves a fair amount of herding, but it also involves knowledge and use of high quality pasturing techniques. Even a ranch of several thousand acres can end up in a desert state if it is not tended carefully by the people who run it. There must be proper timing between the feeding of the animals, the fertilizing of the grass, and the moving on of the herd. Of course, in the wild, herds employ this technique quite efficiently. They must stay together to avoid predators, and they must also leave behind proper fertilization techniques, so that they can return to well fed grasses.

This is all a part of the circle of life, and it begins by observing the natural behavior of herd animals which roam in the wild. Their techniques are always the best techniques to use on grasslands and areas with desertification, even high desertification.

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