The Knowledge of Your Intentions

Okay, so we don’t all do what we should do or what we are supposed to do, but many of us have the good intention to do so. The road to hellThe Knowledge of Your Intentions being paved with good intentions, and all that, is of course very relevant to the discussion. What good are our intentions if they don’t ever actually see fruition?

The truth is, ideas have power, and they are the beginning of all of the worlds in which we live.

If you know what your intentions are, in the first place, then you can pay attention to exactly how much you come to realizing them. If you don’t come very close, then you may want to lower your intentions, or at least your expectations, so that your success rate is higher sooner.

Once your rate of success becomes markedly high…over a long period of time, so you know you have developed the habit…then you can set your intentions a little higher. With each step up, be sure and develop the habit first. Then, when it is fully ingrained into your way of doing things, you can look higher and higher.

Our intentions are to bring eco friendly industrial liquid to the business workplace environment. Whether you run a construction company, work on an ocean liner, or pack boxes in a warehouse somewhere, using environmental cleaning products help you to achieve your short term goals (cleaning) and your long term goals (preserving mother earth). Now, when someone helps themselves to our environmentally friendly liquids, such as our rust converter, disinfectant, or sanitiser, we know that they are active contributing toward reducing the toxic waste in the environment by using products which leave behind far less harmful chemical backwash. There is a lot of damage already done to our environment, not by carbon polluting, but by not breaking down materials into biodegradable parts, and by using eco friendly chemicals, we are reducing the amount of “trash” we leave behind us.

And, besides, everyone needs some rust converter. It is remarkably efficient in making old machinery look and run like new. That is no small matter. Call us today to order your eco friendly rust converter: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.