Preserving the Great Barrier Reef with Style

The Great Barrier Reef has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for some time now, but there have been some changes made in proximity to thePreserving the Great Barrier Reef with Style reef which some environmentalists are claiming may have a detrimental impact, not only on the reef itself, but also on its World Heritage status.

Dredge dumping has been approved a distance away from the reef, but some are worried that it is still much too close. Also, some industrial plants have been approved inland from the reef, and these are quite a ways inland, but there are now concerns that this is increase shipping traffic in the area, and will mess up some of the sea’s eco systems and some important species to the reef when these shipping increases inevitably come in.

There are even plans to make sure that, when the Australian government approves of these changes around the reef, they are made with direct respect to the needs of the UNESCO site itself.

In other words, a great deal of effort is being taken to ensure these World Heritage sites are protected and that the governments near or over them are keeping their best interests at heart. However, there are still ways to effective conduct industry and business without adversely affecting these sites. Therefore, further investigation must be made by all concerned in order to determine what is actually causing harm, and what is simply a part of mass attitudes about what is good or bad for the earth. Often, mental perspectives are not the same as actual data.

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