Resilient Aussie Sea Turtles

Extreme GreenIt’s nice to take pride in a local or national animal, and sea turtles are doing Australia justice, at the moment. Of course, Australia is doing more than many other nations to preserve sea turtles and their hatchlings in our national parks. In fact, our sea turtles and egg hatching is considered to be a tourist attraction, and can bring as many as 30,000 tourists to these areas where our Aussie sea turtles are busy reproducing and increasing the numbers of an endangered species.

Wild weather took away a lot of sea turtles from Queensland and egg hatches last year, being washed away by cyclones and floods. These wild conditions worried researchers when up to sixty percent of the egg hatches were washed out to sea. However, this year the turtles have returned strong, and have laid many hundreds of more sea turtle eggs for the eight week incubation period before they will hatch and increase the endangered turtle population even more. Scientists are delighted by this wonderful increase in and return of the hatchery, because it was speculated that the loss of eggs would produce far fewer opportunities for advancement this year. However, everything is returning back to normal, is on schedule, and is doggedly moving forward.

By preserving endangered species, Australia is contributing to national and global welfare of the earth. With more diversity in animals, and with more eco systems in place and being preserved, then natural systems are able to bounce back quickly after natural or manmade disasters such as last year’s wild stormy weather and other accidents, like spillages or leaks.

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