Maximum Production, Maximum Waste

Porta-Loo TreatmentIn his book, Oak: The Frame of Civilization, William Bryant Logan discusses the differences between tree usage in the Stone Age and tree usage today. Today, everything is much more efficient. Automated processes allow thousands of trees to be processed in one day. Everything is much quicker and much easier. However, it is NOT less wasteful.

Automated processes have made tree cutting and processing one of the most wasteful things on the planet. There was a time when every part of the tree was used, or at least most of the productive parts of it were. Now, everything is fed through a sawmill, which does away with at least thirty percent, sometimes as much a sixty percent, of the usable wood in the tree in order to make the process more efficient and easier to feed.

Production these days is often defined as getting the most done in the least amount of time. However, is that really production? Sometimes, it can be. Other times, it is wasteful, extravagant, or just generally very costly. It is more important to have high quality results than to get it done in record timeā€¦most of the time. There are still industries in which this is not the case, but I think we can all agree that tree sawing and processing has reached an all time high level of waste.

Now, when it comes to chemical solutions, you can usually achieve the best of both worlds. Whereas, in the past, you had only harsh chemical residue and cleaning power or ineffective cleaning abilities and even more residue, today you have some really great options.

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