Enthusiastically Running Your Business into the Ground: Oops!

Insect & Tar RemoverWe have all known business owner or entrepreneurs who keep trying to make and construct their own business, but they find that they cannot do this unless they have more money, more time, more resources, etc.

We have all known at least one perpetually failing entrepreneur. They are sure that this idea will build a million dollar business, but then they find that something is missing, and some of these entrepreneurs fail to see that they are enthusiastically running their businesses into the ground.


Good ideas and thinking outside of the box are only one part of the successful entrepreneur’s toolkit. They are an important part, but only one part out of the whole. When you are looking at what you see on this earth, this wild and beautiful world we live in, you can have some of the most fantastic and valuable ideas, but they are impossible to turn into a reality because you lack the rest of the entrepreneurial vision.

Green companies often do this. That is why there are carcasses of failed alternative energy and renewable resources businesses all over Australia and all over the rest of the world. They are everywhere.

The entrepreneurial spirit also includes thinking, planning, determination, follow through, and gut instinct. It is important to realize that the brilliance of the idea must be carried through to all of the other goals of the business, and not just the idea stage. It is also important to recognize that real and successful entrepreneurs get down and dirty in the trenches with their men when an idea fails, they wade through the mud and find a solution somewhere in the muck, and then implement it business-wide.

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