Harvesting and Resting

Anyone in the agricultural field understands the principles of harvesting the land and resting the land. Both principles are based in anHarvesting and Resting understanding of how soil works and how soil nutrients work.

Over time, rain and animal dung and worms and vegetation decay, as well as bones, minerals, and carcasses, work to add nutrition to the soil so that plants can grow and so that fields can be harvested with a ripe, healthy harvest.

Over time, these things are drawn from the soil, and the earth needs to be replenished so that it can grow new things. Make no mistake, in land that is overharvested or under rested, plants will barely grow and those that do will not be as strong or as resilient.

Resting the land is one of the most crucial parts of agricultural. It must be allowed to regain its former strength, nutrients, and most importantly ground cover. The soil must be covered at all times, and not over harvested or over grazed.

Of course, with the advent of soil nutrients in chemical form, all of this has sometimes been ignored. In fact, many farmers believe that they can run their fields non-stop, when in fact they are sucking all of the best soil elements out of it on an increasingly steady basis and, when rested, will have such a depleted soil that it will no longer be usable for farming anymore.

With the advent of eco friendly dust suppressors, like our soil wetta, soil can be left alone for long periods of time without being blown away by the wind. When preparing fields for planting, dust suppressors can also be used to keep the soil and seed in place until the seed takes root. Each scenario is possible through eco friendly crop helpers like our soil wetta here at Envirosafe Solutions. We pride ourselves on our eco friendly liquid products.

Of course, for your farming machinery, you will also need multi-purpose lubricant, solvent free degreaser and other chemical solutions in the maintenance of your farming equipment. There must be all types of chemical you need, which must necessarily also be safe for our planet. In order to take advantage of these and other solutions, visit our site or call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.