Good Eco Systems are Resilient Against All Stresses

Good Eco Systems are Resilient Against All StressesWhen we talk about ecological systems, we like to think of animals systems where the frog eats the bug, the jackal eats the frog, the lion eats the jackal, and, with Elton John playing “The Circle of Life” in the background, the lion dies and becomes the grass which is the homeland of the bug.

Due to lack of education in permanent culture and gardening, we tend to understand plant ecological systems a little less. We do know, however, that achieving ground cover is very important, and that from this, grow trees, upon which vines can be travel, and the canopy from the trees can fall, turn into mulch, and become compost for the ground cover. We know major parts of the system, but beyond that, we have less of a clear picture of what ecological paradise in the plant world looks like.

There are even tinier pieces of information about the relationship between the animal and plant eco systems.

We always discuss preserving the rainforest, preserving the ocean, preserving the green-billed, scaly-backed, blue-feathered purple cow of native Sydney, but we fail to discuss the whole picture: how everything fits together to form a cohesive whole.

The truth is, good eco systems are resilient against all external and internal stresses, no matter what. They adapt over time to long-term changing conditions, but in reality, they adapt to form a completely new but just as effective resilient eco system then, too.

In today’s world, we think that we either have to choose to live a dirty, grimy, planet friendly life or to live a high quality, smooth, functional, industry friendly life, but that there are only the two options left for us.

Envirosafe Solutions has proven that this is incorrect thinking.

Our products, our eco friendly liquid products, are engineered for the modern lifestyle, complete with antibacterial hand wash, glue remover, fabric conditioner and diesel bug killer, but they are also environmentally friendly liquids, too. We have taken modern convenience and planet friendly precautions and morphed them together to form a cohesive whole. We may not be back to nature with our tiny little eco system, but we are definitely making strides in the right direction: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.