Hygiene: Too Clean and Clean Enough

Hygiene: Too Clean and Clean EnoughWhen it comes to using antibacterial hand wash or industrial hand cleaner, we here at Envirosafe Solutions of course recommend our own eco friendly liquid products. Now, since the health care movement is returning to emphasis on pro-biotics, we know that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between having no bacteria on your hands and having good bacteria in your body. Which is better? Are they the same phenomenon? Does anyone really care if you don’t have good bacteria in you?

Hygiene has always been the removal of harmful bacteria and the spread and growth of healthy tissue and bones. There was a time when doctors did not know enough to wash their hands with soap between preparing a dead body and delivering a baby, a fact which lead to many infant deaths in former times. A midwife was quite necessary at such a time, because she would have known some things about hygiene, although admittedly not as much as we know today.

Hygiene is necessary in order to complete the growth cycle. Without, other microorganisms are allowed to grow and decay healthy tissue. Infants were especially susceptible to this since they were only brand new people and did not yet have the immune system to protect themselves.

Many people today do not prefer use just antibacterial hand wash, but also lotions and pro-biotic treatments to help their immune systems stay safe. At Envirosafe Solutions, we recognize that it is necessary to just wash with soap and water, which will clean the skin and allow your body’s natural protectors to do the rest.

Products like toilet bowl cleaner and mould rid are supposed to do heavier duty cleaning than the industrial hand cleaner mentioned above. Not to worry. All of these products are available at Envirosafe Solutions, and all of our chemical solutions are eco friendly liquid products. We have really made a name for ourselves through our concern for human health and our discipline devoted to industrial strength chemicals which are also safe for the planet. We take pride in our ability to bring top of the line chemicals for uses which must also be eco friendly. Call us today to order some of our products: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.