Extreme Green Porta-Loo Treatment

Portable toilets are an indispensable facility on remote work sites. When you’re hundreds of kilometres from the closest proper dunny, you had better hope that your Porta-Loo is up to the job. Keeping your toilets clean and functional is extremely important – the health and comfort of your whole worksite depends on it. You need a reliable waste treatment solution that’s guaranteed to deliver results, yet is safe for your unique conditions at the same time.

Extreme Green Porta-Loo Treatment can be used in all portable toilets, in motor homes,caravans, and dongas, including cassette style and long drop systems, as well as waste tanks on boats. All you need to do is mix the required amount of treatment into your holding tank, and let the all-natural ingredients get to work, while you get back to more pressing matters. Porta-Loo Treatment will leave your portable toilet clean, sanitised and lightly-perfumed, all without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Liquid Loo is a nonhazardous solution that’s perfectly safe for use and transport.

When you’re out in the middle of nature, using environmentally friendly products is all the more important. Traditionally, many waste treatment solutions contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. These products are wonderfully effective at killing bacteria and sanitising your portable toilet. Yet once all is said and done, you’re left with a tank full of toxic chemicals, hazardous to your health and difficult to dispose of without harming the environment. With Extreme Green Porta-Loo Treatment you need not worry about any of that – it’s made entirely from natural, biodegradable ingredients.

Extreme Green Porta-Loo Treatment is an extremely economical waste treatment solution. As little as 25ml per week can deliver total results, depending on usage levels. When stored correctly, this product has an indefinite shelf life, meaning that a tank of Liquid Loo is one of the cheapest and longest-lasting investments you can make for your portable toilet system.

When you’re out on the road, the worksite orthe ocean, controlling your portable toilet system is of utmost important. But that doesn’t mean it should take up more than a few moments of your time. And it certainly shouldn’t mean that you need to risk your health and environmental footprint by using harmful chemicals. Envirosafe Solutions is an industry leader in providing safe and effective waste treatment solutions. For more information on how we can assist you with portable toilet maintenance, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.