Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser

If you work on a remote site, the stench of a septic system is probably one that you’re all too familiar with. It’s one of the less-glamorous aspects of working in the outback, but it’s a fact of life and needs to be dealt with. Controlling odour is an essential part of your job, and it’s all the more critical in these hot summer months.

Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is a multi-purpose solution for use in septic systems, leach drains and effluent ponds. Utilising a powerful combination of organic cleaning agents and surfactants, this product emulsifies grease, oil and waste, while destroying unpleasant odours on contact. Say goodbye to those nasty smells.

The real brilliance of this odour control product is that it’s made entirely from natural ingredients. Odour is a naturally-occurring problem, and at Envirosafe Solutions we believe that natural problems require natural solutions. We don’t see much sense in subtracting odour by adding harsh and toxic chemicals. You can’t afford to have that sort of stuff polluting your worksite. Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is an organic, fully biodegradable solution that’s tough on odour, gentle on the environment and safe for your water system.

And odour control is only half the equation. This product works wonders as a general cleaner too. With the added grease-cutting power of orange oil, Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is effective on floors, glass, stainless steel and bathrooms. This Extreme Green product will leave your surfaces crystal clear, with a light and refreshing fragrance.

Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is guaranteed to keep your drains clear and free-flowing. On a remote site, this is of utmost importance. Blocked up pipes can shut down your whole water system and plunge your site into chaos. Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser eats through organic matter in your pipes, nipping blockages in the bud and allowing maximum water flow at all times.

And there’s more. We’ve designed Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser to be completely safe for animals, meaning it’s the ideal product to control odours in livestock sheds. This products is highly effective at reducing ammonia levels, meaning your animals will be more comfortable and their risk of lung diseases is vastly reduced.

Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is a perfect example of the Envirosafe philosophy that less is more. We engineer all of our cleaning solutions for multiple applications, ensuring that you get more cleaning done with fewer products on the shelf. And with Envirosafe cleaning products, you know that you’re doing the planet a favour at the same time. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with cleaning and odour control, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.