Waste, Usage, and Carbon Footprints

Marine Glass CleanerThe more that you effectively use your business resources, the more of them you will have to use. This means that, no matter what, you should use your resources well, even if you don’t use all of them up at once. It means that, no matter what, you should take a stewardship approach to owning, managing and operating your business. It means that, even if your company is eco friendly, there must an account of what resources come in to your business, how they were used, when or how often they were used, and what waste products left your business.

It is of primary importance to do, every day, what you love to do. Do it well. Do it quickly. Have peace. Feel satisfied and accomplished by the end of the day. By devoting yourself to high productivity and excellent resource management during the day, you will not only feel high amounts of accomplishment during the evening, but you will have more resources in the future when you need them. There is an inherent way of taking responsibility for yourself that makes you able to handle more and therefore attract more to yourself at the end of the day. There is a law attached to good management and accountability and responsibility which guarantees that all that you are handling well will increase in your hands.

It is one of the natural laws, just as compounding laws, laws of gravity and lift, and luminescence laws.

It is not enough to just make the most of your waste by recycling. You must also make the most of the resources which you currently possess, and that includes both money and eco friendly sustainability. That is why Envirosafe Solutions centered our whole business around eco friendly liquid products, like our insect and tar remover, our radiator coolant, or our dishwasher rinse aid. All of these are part of a widespread understanding about how if we invest in the resources of our earth, then we are only producing more resources. Our rust converter, toilet bowl cleaner, and rubber remover are all safe for our planet. That is why we do what we do: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Extreme Green Rust Remover

There is a vast array of methods for treating corrosion, all of them offering unique benefits and drawbacks. Sandblasting and highly corrosive mineral acids are two common tools for treating corroded metal. These methods attack the rust with brute force and usually produce very good results.

Which is all well and good if you’re just trying to get rust off a car door or some steel piping.

But these methods are often completely unsuitable for delicate equipment. You can’t just violently blast the rust off a tool with lots of fragile moving parts – unless you have money to burn. And repeated exposure to harsh acids can damage intricate metal parts. If you’re dealing with complex equipment, what you need is a gentle, more intelligent method of removing rust.

Rust Remover is the perfect rust removal solution for delicate tools and equipment. Simply immerse your corroded surfaces into a Rust Remover solution, and let our product take care of the rest. Rust will dissolve quickly and completely, leaving you with a shiny new surface that’s ready to be galvanised/painted.

To give you an idea of how gentle Rust Remover is, you can immerse an entire engine block in this solution without removing water hoses, fan belts, generators or starter motors. Rust Remover does not harm glass, rubber or plastic at all. It attacks rust and rust only, and this is what makes our product unique.

Rust Remover is as gentle on the environment as it is on your equipment. We use only biodegradable ingredients which can be safely disposed of. This is in stark contrast to a lot of mineral acid-based rust removers out there. Not only are mineral acids harsh on your equipment, they’re also highly toxic and very dangerous to the people using them. Methylene chloride, hydrofluoric acid and cresylic acid are common ingredients in many corrosion treatments. These chemicals are carcinogenic and known to cause all sorts of other diseases. What’s more, they’re a terrible environmental hazard, polluting soil and water once they’ve been disposed of.

Not all rust removers are created equal, and at Envirosafe Solutions we recognise that. We offer a range of corrosion treatment solutions to suit different situations and requirements. Your engine, your workshop, your equipment and your health – these things are important to you. And helping you take proper care of them is important to us. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with rust treatment, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Extreme Green Multi Purpose Lubricant

A good lubricant is an indispensable tool to keep your equipment running quietly and smoothly. Skimp on the lube and you’ll quickly see your maintenance costs spiralling out of control. Not all lubricants are alike, however, and it’s important to understand the differences  in order to be more productive with your time and money.

There’s an enormous range of lubricants on the market, and they vary wildly in quality. Too many lubricants are made of cheap solvents, like kerosene and white spirits. They do the job, but are susceptible to drying out and washing off with water contact. Using these lubricants, you’ll find yourself doing frequent reapplications. This costs you time and money, and what’s the point of buying cheap lube if you’re forever heading back to the shop to get more?

Investing in a water-resistant and long lasting lubricant is a no-brainer. You’ll get better mileage for your money and spend less time on maintenance. Multi Purpose Lubricant is a highly resilient, lubricant that works on all moving parts. It displaces moisture, penetrates rusted parts and inhibits corrosion while keeping your machine purring softly. You can even use this lubricant as a cutting oil in lathe work and other applications where metals are honed.

This product truly is the ideal lubricant for tough Australian conditions. Multi Purpose Lubricant is especially effective in applications where salt is present – ideal for the mining industry and marine equipment. The corrosive power of seawater is too much for most lubricants, and cheap products simply won’t cut it on your outboard motor or seawater pump. An application of Multi Purpose Lubricant is guaranteed to last many times longer than conventional products in wet and salty conditions. Do your boat a favour and use the best lubricant available.

Like all Envirosafe products, Multi Purpose Lubricant is an iron fist inside a velvet glove: powerful, yet gentle at the same time. Unlike many solvent-based lubricants, Multi Purpose Lubricant will not damage plastic, fibreglass, enamel or any other common non-absorbent materials. You won’t get any nasty surprises using this product. Multi Purpose Lubricant does not contain silicone or any toxic chemicals, making it completely safe to use and dispose of.

Don’t fritter your money away on cheap, ineffective lubricants. Insist on an environmentally-responsible product that delivers long lasting results in all conditions. Invest in Multi Purpose Lubricant and your equipment will thank you for it. For more information on the Envirosafe Solutions range of lubricants, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Extreme Green Glue Cleaner

In many workplaces, adhesives are the ultimate double-edged sword. Indispensable tools on the one hand, and enormous hassle on the other. Super glue, duct tape, labels, blu-tack . . . where on Earth would we be without these things? It’s just a shame that the usefulness of adhesives is matched by the annoyance involved when it comes time to remove them. How many hours have you spent scrubbing furiously at leftover glue or tape remains?

If the answer is “many”, then you’re no doubt familiar with the vast range of adhesive removal products on the market. There’s an arsenal of cleaning products out there that can reduce your adhesive scrubbing effort.

The problem is that most of these products are full of harsh acids and petro-solvents. They achieve results through brute force. Sure, they’ll strip the adhesives away quick smart. But you’re dealing with nasty toxic chemicals that are a health risk to the operator and a pollution risk to the environment. What’s worse, a bit of leftover glue on your wall, or breathing toxic fumes and then flushing pollutant chemicals down the drain?

Either way, this isn’t a compromise you need to make in your workplace. Extreme Green Glue Cleaner is a far more intelligent approach to adhesive removal. Using only organic, biodegradable ingredients (that’s no petro-solvents, no acids and no alkalis), Extreme Green Glue Cleaner removes adhesives quickly and effectively. It emits no unpleasant odours, poses no health risk to the operator, and washes away safely without risk of environmental damage.

But don’t let the gentle touch fool you. Extreme Green Glue Cleaner gets the job done. The performance of this product is on par with any competitor. This is a rapid-acting cleaner, taking effect in under three minutes. Extreme Green Glue Cleaner is super-versatile, and works on steel, aluminium, glass, concrete, wood and just about any other hard surface you would ever apply adhesives to. Extreme Green Glue Cleaner is a free-rinsing solution – once this product has worked its magic you can simply rinse it all off with water.

Apply Extreme Green Glue Cleaner neat, wait three short minutes, wash it all off. Adhesives removed. Nothing more to it. And if you find the curse of chewing gum stuck to your shoes then this will have it all off in a jiffy.

There’s beauty in simplicity, that’s what we believe at Envirosafe Solutions. You’ll find that the most effective cleaning solution is often the simplest, and what could be simpler than all-natural ingredients? For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with adhesive removal, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

The Power of Eucalyptus Oil

Our beloved Eucalyptus is an unmistakable Australian icon, and one of this country’s best-known exports. The gumtree is easily recognisable as the home of the Koala and the subject of much Australian folklore. Yet despite its mythological status in Australia, surprisingly few people appreciate the the true power and wide-ranging applications of Eucalyptus. Inside the leaves of these majestic trees lies one of the most potent natural agents found anywhere in the world.

Over the years, Eucalyptus Oil has proven effective in cleaning products, disinfectants and sanitisers – not to mention a wide range of natural medicinal applications. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect example of the natural power that we utilise in our products at Envirosafe Solutions.

Eucalyptus Oil is a natural biocide and antibacterial ingredient.[1] Eucalyptus-based soaps, handwashes, sanitisers and dental care products have gained enormous popularity in recent times, as people increasingly recognise the numerous benefits and lack of harmful side-effects. Natural disinfectant solutions like Eucalyptus mitigate the need to use alcohol or toxic chemical-based products in the workplace.

Eucalytptus Oil is also a known pesticide and insect repellent.[2] A Eucalyptus-based cleaning product will keep your workplace or commercial kitchen clean and healthy, while deterring the creepy crawlies at the same time.

The essential oil of the Eucalyptus leaf is a powerful antibacterial agent, both outside and inside the human body. Most people will be familiar with Eucalyptus cough drops and vapour solutions. Eucalyptus Oil is a common treatment for colds and is known to attack bacteria in the respiratory system.[3] The amazing health potential of Eucalyptus oil has long been recognised in the field of aromatherapy.

This is really an incredible multi-purpose tool, and it grows right in our own backyards. At Envirosafe Solutions we use Eucalyptus Oil in our products to dazzling effect. We believe that we can harness the power of nature to deliver the results that Australian businesses need. And luckily, we’re in a  pretty good place for it. There’s no better place on Earth to take advantage of Eucalyptus Oil’s extraordinary cleaning properties.

This great brown land of ours is abundant in natural goodness, so why not use it? We’re constantly exploring new possibilities with Eucalyptus Oil and other organic cleaning agents, in the firm belief that green products are the future for Australian industry. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions makes use of natural ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.




Is a Cleaner Just a Cleaner?

Ever feel like you have to rummage through twenty different bottles in your cupboard just to find the cleaner you’re looking for? There’s the bathroom cleaner, the toilet spray, the degreaser, the spray and wipe, the floor cleaner and who knows what else. Ugly plastic bottles that lurk in your cupboard gathering cobwebs for years on end. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could consolidate all these products into one simple, all-purpose cleaner?

Well, now you can. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser is the ultimate all-in-one. Throw out all those countless old bottles of harsh chemicals, because Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser does it all. It’s effective on motors, greasy floors, machinery, outdoor pavement, bathroom and kitchen surfaces – you name it! Why hoard a small army of specific cleaning products when one cleaner can do all of their jobs?

And that’s not even the best part. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser has none of the harmful ingredients of ordinary cleaning products. Traditional cleaners and degreasers that produce these kind of results are often loaded with petro-solvents and harsh mineral acids. There are all sorts of health risks involved with using these chemicals, and when disposed of they create a serious environmental hazard. Go to your cleaning cupboard and read the labels on all of those bottles – there’s a lot of nasty stuff in there, and the simple truth is that it’s nasty stuff you don’t need.

We’ve created Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser as a safe and healthy alternative that’s just as powerful as other cleaners on the market. It’s nothing short of a miracle that a cleaning agent this effective can be so gentle at the same time. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser is an alkaline solution, free of acids and petro-solvents. Using it won’t give you a headache or make you sick, and disposing of it won’t pollute our water and land.

At Envirosafe Solutions our mission is to move Australian industry toward a green future. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser represents another step down this road. It’s no longer necessary to risk your health and pollute the earth for the sake of a few simple cleaning jobs.

So de-clutter your janitorial cupboard and do the planet a favour at the same time. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser is just one of our great range of products that can simplify your business while reducing its environmental impact. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with cleaning solutions, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Extreme Green Laundry Powder

Few people who’ve lived in urban areas their whole lives would appreciate the domestic difficulties faced by remote Australians. For city-dwellers, doing the laundry is a simple matter of loading the machine and pressing the button. They don’t have to think about the effects of hard water on the clothes, or mineral and calcium levels interfering with the laundry detergent.

But these are genuine concerns for people living off the water grid. Envirosafe Solutions has formulated a new laundry liquid that’s designed specifically for remote area use in the mining camps of the Northwest. This formulation was created after requests from miners in the camps – they were experiencing rashes and itchiness from the chemicals the products they were using contained. Furthermore they did not get a clean wash because the same chemicals could not handle hard water washing. Heavy mineralisation in remote areas can severely hinder the ability of ordinary laundry powers to get your clothes properly clean. With Extreme Green Laundry Powder we’ve boosted the level of optical brighteners and grease-eating surfactants, resulting in a product with cleaning power second to none. This is the tough laundry liquid for tough Australian conditions.

At the same time, Extreme Green Laundry Powder has been delicately engineered to work in harmony with your sewage treatment plant, biomass or septic system. Say goodbye to clogged sullage ponds and slow treatment plant response. These problems are often caused by phosphate-rich laundry liquids, and can slow down your waste treatment system enormously. We know how serious this problem can be, and have designed Extreme Green Laundry Powder to ensure this will never be an issue.

To achieve this, we’ve massively reduced the phosphate levels in this product. Phosphates feed the algae and bacteria that clog your system, so a smart laundry liquid for remote areas needs to get the job done without relying on such chemicals. Envirosafe Solutions has re-invented the whole process, replacing phosphates with environmentally-friendly boosters that work with your sewage system, not against it. You no longer need to trade off effective laundry washing against waste management. Now you can have both.

Extreme Green Laundry Powder is gentle on your land, and gentle on your body too. A lot of harsh laundry liquids can leave residue on the clothing which leads to irritation and skin rashes, but this isn’t something you need to worry about with Extreme Green Laundry Powder. The all-natural ingredients in this product will treat your skin as gently as they treat your clothes. The only thing Extreme Green Laundry Powder will damage is dirt – and that’s our guarantee.

Envirosafe Solutions is working hard for remote Australia. You deserve all the same conveniences and options as the city folk, and we provide the products to make this possible. For more information on the Envirosafe range of laundry liquids, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Simple Tips For Reducing Power Consumption at Work

With all the green innovations that have sprung up in recent years, it’s easy to forget that you can reduce your power consumption and environmental footprint without spending big money on new technology. There are simple steps any business can take, which will produce tangible cuts in electricity use without costing a cent.

At Envirosafe Solutions we believe passionately in reducing environmental impact wherever possible. We follow green practices in our own business operations, and we encourage all of our clients to do the same. We’ve put together a list of five simple, effective tips for reducing your power consumption and minimising the environmental impact of your business.

1. Unplug your idle machines

This goes for televisions, fax machines, projectors, coffee makers and anything else that guzzles electricity around your workplace. The idle power consumption of these devices can accumulate into significant amounts of electricity over the months. Unplug idle machines to ensure that you only pay for electricity you’re actually using.

2. Change the power settings on your computers

Unless your business is graphic design, web development or something similar, you can probably afford to sacrifice a bit of performance in your computers. By changing the power settings on your machines, you can trade nonessential functions for reduced electricity usage.

3. Use LCD monitors (and turn them off)

A monitor uses the majority of a computer’s electricity, and the old box-shaped ones are very inefficient. Switching to modern LCD monitors will save a lot of power, as will turning them off whenever they are not in use.

4. Abandon paper

Computer printers guzzle not only electricity but paper too. In the modern day and age it’s rarely necessary to print documents in hard copy. Make your office a paperless one and you’ll save money on both stationery and electricity.

5. Embrace nature

Arrange your office or place of business to fully exploit natural light and air. Don’t sit in the middle of the room when you could sit by the window. Sometimes simply reorganising your furniture can drastically reduce your dependence on artificial lighting, heating and air-conditioning.

Follow these simple pieces of advice and you’ll quickly see your power consumption drop. Using less electricity is good for the planet and good for your bottom line.

Another important step your business can take is switching to environmentally-friendly industrial liquids. Envirosafe Solutions is an industry leader in providing safe, green and highly effective products to Australian businesses. By saving power and using green industrial products, your business will remain sustainable and profitable into the future.

For information on how Envirosafe Solutions can help your business reduce its environmental footprint, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser

If you work on a remote site, the stench of a septic system is probably one that you’re all too familiar with. It’s one of the less-glamorous aspects of working in the outback, but it’s a fact of life and needs to be dealt with. Controlling odour is an essential part of your job, and it’s all the more critical in these hot summer months.

Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is a multi-purpose solution for use in septic systems, leach drains and effluent ponds. Utilising a powerful combination of organic cleaning agents and surfactants, this product emulsifies grease, oil and waste, while destroying unpleasant odours on contact. Say goodbye to those nasty smells.

The real brilliance of this odour control product is that it’s made entirely from natural ingredients. Odour is a naturally-occurring problem, and at Envirosafe Solutions we believe that natural problems require natural solutions. We don’t see much sense in subtracting odour by adding harsh and toxic chemicals. You can’t afford to have that sort of stuff polluting your worksite. Extreme Green Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is an organic, fully biodegradable solution that’s tough on odour, gentle on the environment and safe for your water system.

And odour control is only half the equation. This product works wonders as a general cleaner too. With the added grease-cutting power of orange oil, Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is effective on floors, glass, stainless steel and bathrooms. This Extreme Green product will leave your surfaces crystal clear, with a light and refreshing fragrance.

Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is guaranteed to keep your drains clear and free-flowing. On a remote site, this is of utmost importance. Blocked up pipes can shut down your whole water system and plunge your site into chaos. Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser eats through organic matter in your pipes, nipping blockages in the bud and allowing maximum water flow at all times.

And there’s more. We’ve designed Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser to be completely safe for animals, meaning it’s the ideal product to control odours in livestock sheds. This products is highly effective at reducing ammonia levels, meaning your animals will be more comfortable and their risk of lung diseases is vastly reduced.

Heavy Duty Cleaner/Deodoriser is a perfect example of the Envirosafe philosophy that less is more. We engineer all of our cleaning solutions for multiple applications, ensuring that you get more cleaning done with fewer products on the shelf. And with Envirosafe cleaning products, you know that you’re doing the planet a favour at the same time. For more information on how Envirosafe Solutions can assist you with cleaning and odour control, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Earth Hour an important message for Australian industry

Earth Hour was recently observed around the world, and 2011 has proven to be a record-breaking year for the annual event. An Australian-born concept, the energy-saving philosophy of Earth Hour has been enthusiastically welcomed by nations worldwide. The organisers of the event have claimed a resounding success for this year, and optimism that Earth Hour will continue to grow into the future.

This year a reported 134 countries took part in Earth Hour, where businesses and individuals are asked to turn off all lights and electrical appliances for one hour. The event is intended to demonstrate solidarity and an international spirit of cooperation for the good of the environment.

While Earth Hour is a symbolic exercise, rather than a concrete step toward reducing greenhouse emissions, at Envirosafe Solutions we believe there is a very powerful message to be heard from this event’s success. There is an overwhelming enthusiasm, both in Australia and around the world, for environmental action and a sustainable way of life.

Business that embraces the Australian people’s vision of a green future will be business that succeeds in the years to come. That’s our philosophy at Envirosafe Solutions, and we provide the industrial products to make this goal a reality. For information on how we can help your business become more sustainable and environmentally-responsible, please contact us on 1300 88 90 70.

Foodscraps for thought on industrial waste management

Whether it’s using food scraps to power a jet aircraft or old pipes to make modern furniture, innovative recycling initiatives are becoming an integral part of industrial waste management.  Forward-thinking solutions are being employed across the globe as the demands of industry grow, consuming mountains of resources while leaving a heavy trail of rubbish behind. Effective waste management includes making the switch to eco-friendly industrial liquid products from environmental cleaning companies such as Perth-based Envirosafe Solutions. Today we look at waste management strategies crucial to sustainable industry.

Australian airline Qantas has landed a deal to create bio jet fuel for its fleet by recycling food scraps and industrial waste. The airline announced the joint venture with US biofuel producer Solena in early 2011.

The plant, earmarked for Sydney, will produce fuel from waste materials including food scraps, green cuttings, industrial and agricultural waste. It follows a similar project by British Airways in London. The British venture has a proposed 2014 completion date, and will convert up to 500,000 tonnes of waste into 73 million litres of biofuel a year.

Such initiatives have been welcomed by Government and environmental groups which have been working to address the management of industrial waste – a major component of the waste stream.

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has developed guidelines for industry to minimise the total waste produced and also the toxicity levels of waste. These include:

  • Choose products that produce less waste
  • Reduce reliance on hazardous materials
  • Use technology to reduce the reliance on chemicals, products
  • Take a careful product inventory to prevent surplus stock

Giving used products a new life

Recycling can involve returning waste material to its original state, such as recycling paper to make more paper, or using waste to create new products, such as bio jet fuel from green clippings, or on-selling waste materials. There has been no end to the creative solutions industry has found for its waste products, such as producing colouring pencils from plastic vending cups.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australians generated 32.4 million tonnes of solid waste in 2002-03, of which 27% was from municipal sources including household waste, 29% from commercial and industrial sectors and 42% from construction and demolition industries.

Cleaning up production

EPA guidelines strongly promote using ‘clean production’, a term coined by the United Nations Environment Program more than two decades. It refers to the “continuous applications of an integrated preventative environmental strategy applied to processes, products, and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment”. Put simply, it is far simpler to use an eco-friendly industrial liquid in the first place than to try to clean up landfill or wastewater contaminated by chemical pollutants.

Envirosafe Solutions range of environmental cleaning products include insect and tar remover, solvent-free degreaser, porta-loo treatment, glass cleaner, rubber remover, rust converter and rust remover. Their comprehensive range has been designed from primarily natural ingredients with a low toxicity rating. Switching to less toxic products allows industry to reduce its environmental footprint and join the ‘green revolution’.

The use of eco-friendly liquid products form part of an effective waste management strategy for any business. Envirosafe Solutions provide eco-friendly liquid products for a comprehensive range of industrial applications. For more information phone 1300 88 90 70 or email info@evss.com.au.







CSIRO steps up toxic chemical monitoring

The fall-out from the widespread use of the now-banned chemical DDT was pivotal to turning the world’s attention to the inherent dangers of toxins in industrial and agricultural applications. The CSIRO has recently renewed its efforts to monitor the long-term environmental costs of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), which include the notorious DDT. Today we look at the need for environmentally friendly liquids and the emergence of a new breed of industrial cleaning solutions such as those offered by Perth-based Envirosafe Solutions.

Toxic chemicals have left an indelible mark on the environment prompting a global push toward the use of safe, sustainable and biodegradable products.

The worst offenders have been common products containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), such as the wide-spread use of DDT as an effective pesticide in the first half of last century. Initially considered safe, concerns were raised after it was discovered prolonged use caused it to build up in the fatty tissue of mammals, including humans. More than twenty years after it was banned in Australia wildlife such as the Peregrine Falcon are still rehabilitating.

CSIRO monitors POPs effects

In March 2011 the CSIRO upped efforts to monitor the widespread environmental and health effects of POPs to quantify the success of the 2004 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. The convention, which was ratified by 172 countries including Australia, outlines protocols to reduce and eliminate emissions from POPs and their by-products. It requires:

  • Control measures on 12 POPs including industrial chemicals polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hexachlorobenzene and by-products dioxins and furans.
  • Approval assessment for new and existing chemicals to consider effects of  bioaccumulation, potential for long-range environmental transport and potential for adverse effects on human health and the environment.

CSIRO scientist Dr Melita Keywood said these pollutants were non-biodegradable, dispersed widely from the original source and accumulated in human and animal fatty tissue. “Some POPs can be transported through atmospheric dispersion to other regions and continents, thousands of kilometres from where they were originally used.” Data will be collected from atmospheric monitoring stations at sites in Tasmania, Melbourne and Darwin.

Data crucial to safer future

Environmental damage from common chemical applications needed to be monitored and minimised, according to Envirosafe Solutions. It supplies eco friendly liquid products to businesses within the automotive, mining, hospitality and corporate sectors as well as schools, hospitals and government enterprises. Director Murray Simon said toxic chemicals were not only hazardous but unnecessary. “Our products are primarily based on natural ingredients and they offer powerful results. Chemical usage carries hidden costs in terms of damage to the environment, health and the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.”

A better solution

Envirosafe Solutions’ range of cleaners include solvent-free degreaser, sanitiser/mould rid, porta-loo treatment, radiator cleaner, glass cleaner, diesel bug killer, rubber remover, multi-purpose lubricant and fuel conditioner. These  environmental cleaning products offer a highly-effective yet sustainable solution.

The earth cannot afford a repeat of the 1950s DDT spraying disaster and efforts to monitor long-term POPs effects highlight the value of environmental cleaning products. Envirosafe Solutions provide eco-friendly liquid products for a comprehensive range of industrial applications. For more information phone 1300 88 90 70 or email info@evss.com.au.