Dreading the Inevitable

Dishwasher PowderWhen we talk about “the inevitable,” we are rarely discussing something that is truly out of our control. Instead, we are talking about situations which we have no intention of altering and therefore we make them inevitable.

Anyone can control any part of their own lives. It is the choices we make as to what to leave alone and what to manipulate which determines the “inevitability” in our lives. This is very useful, because it means that we are not helpless little creatures of the night which cannot function during a normal human day. It means that we can do anything that we put our minds to, and that our personal priorities have the only controlling factor in what passes in our lives.

Dreading the inevitable is, therefore, pointless. We determine what the inevitable ends up being in our own lives. We determine what our lives will be when they pass along to tomorrow and the next day. We may be bracing ourselves for the next step and what will result as consequences for our actions, but dreading it is ineffectual and weak.

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