China-Australia Coal and Green Movements

Antibacterial Hand WashChina has devalued coal production in an effort to be more planet friendly and sustainable. This includes reducing their need for and dependence upon Australian coal mining operations and even coal fired power plants.

This presents a problem for Australian private and government owned mines and coal fueled plants across the nation. What if these areas turned into unused or valueless assets? China’s need for coal makes up half of the world’s distribution channels, so if this massive country is going green, then coal plant owners and investors may find it more economical to move their money and consequently their interests in a more eco friendly direction. Coal does, indeed, seem to be on the way out. Australia would not be the only country affected, but this would cause ramifications in many countries all over the world, especially developing countries which use coal as part of their major export business.

China-Australia relations and many other partnerships with China will be dramatically affected by China’s very active goals to move forward and become more ecologically independent. Sustainability and proper resource management are obviously important considerations for a country such as China.

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