Global Warming Evident in Sixty Year Span

Marine Glass CleanerIn 1950, the ice season in the Arctic lasted 60 days longer than it does today. Researchers have always assumed that, with global warming, the Arctic zone would show gradual melting of ice caps and glaciers, but none of this is compared to the difference in the time of the ice season, which is something that all of the scientists on this were incredibly surprised by. They knew that there were, perhaps, more factors involved with global warming affecting the Arctic region, but they were never very clear about what these additional factors might be.

Now, we have definite proof that shows that the ice season in the Artic is two entire months shorter than it was in 1950. Even for a young author such as myself, my parents were alive in 1950. That is hitting pretty close to home, I must say.

The consequences of these findings are twofold and are somewhat opposite of each other.

For one, if such a dramatic change has occurred in the past sixty years and we are so far not really feeling any of the affects, will four more degrees of global warming really be as detrimental as everyone is saying?

Secondly, and somewhat conversely, there are still facts presented by the scientific community which support reaching a “cap” of warming that will, in the end, cause more damage than the rising temperatures leading up to that cap. In other words, there still may be a maximum level of warming, after which widespread global problems could ensue.

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