Creative License

When one is stepping outside of company protocol or the usual way of doing things in order to accomplish something, they are Creative Creative LicenseLicenseoften said to be exercising creative license. The idea behind this is that one must think outside the box in order to find new and innovative ways of doing things, and that exercising creative license will certainly get the job done. It is a nice way of excusing rule breaking, and creative license certainly must be taken in many parts of life.

Often, you will see small forms of creative license. Graffiti on a wall or a poem written on an office message board are examples of this. Flowers for a colleague and gifts given to ensure business relations flow cordially. Rarely do you see creative license being exercised as a huge project, but companies like Microsoft and then Apple are examples of creative license being taken seriously on a much larger scale.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we like to think that we have exercised creative license in a particularly productive way. We wanted to find a solution to the “greenwashing” effect, which is where products are advertised as being eco friendly and yet are ineffective and in some extreme cases are not even eco friendly, either. We wanted to find a way to have both.

Our researchers have found ways to deliver high quality chemical results to a variety of problems, all while being safe for the environment. Our eco friendly liquid products, which range from insect and tar remover to solvent free degreaser, are meant to bridge the gap between harsh chemical and environmental degradation. We want to help keep the eco systems intact, and our products help to accomplish this worthy goal.

Toilet bowl cleaner, diesel bug killer, and mineral deposit remover are all traditionally really hardcore, highly toxic cleaning agents. We have developed these same chemicals but in a safe, eco friendly way, so that your chemical solutions will be safe for our planet earth. You can rest easy at night knowing that you are making a difference with our environmentally friendly liquids. For more information, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.