Companion Planting and Life Cycle Sustainability

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsWhen considering any of our environmentally friendly liquids, we urge you to better understand how our world already works to the betterment of mankind. When you go about using the rust converter or toilet bowl cleaner from Envirosafe Solutions, remember that you are contributing to the sustainability of our planet as you are so doing. You see, a lot of the sustainability of our world is built in to it, and has been since before man ruled the earth. Dishwashing liquid used to just be water. Sanitiser used to just be the earth and leaves. Now, we have marine glass cleaner and radiator cleaner for purposes which seem a lot more complex, even though, to some extent, they are just as simple as it was for primitive man.

It followed naturally that humans would want to build shelter for themselves and then bring light into this shelter. Thus, we have the need for glass cleaner. It follows naturally, as well, that our desire to explore and travel would lead to the development of engines which could propel us around the world. Thus, we have the need for radiator cleaner.

Companion planting in gardening is part of understanding how different concepts grow and develop, and understanding how we can bring more abundance to and out of our world. Some plants naturally fit well together in the garden, nurture each other’s soil, taste better when planted together, and act as insect and disease repellant for each other.

Companion planting is also a part of the life cycle sustainability which we can engender in today’s world. Now that we know so much more about the world around us, we can really take advantage of this knowledge when using companion planting in our gardens. For instance, did you know that roses and strawberries grow more in each other’s presence? In fact, there have been some reports of the strawberries tasting like roses and the roses smelling like strawberries when this occurs!

Look at your own life cycle sustainability and learn more about the world in which we live. Use our chemical solutions which are very eco friendly as part of this journey. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.