Cultural Literacy and Eco Literacy

Eco FriendlyCultural literacy is the understanding of what certain phrases mean and their context. Phrases like “the fall of man” or “as holey as Swiss cheese” demand some kind of understanding of the cultural background, the history of humankind, in order to correctly interpret it. In fact, so many phrases in English are tied up with idioms like these that foreigners often are unable to understand our language, and vice versa with foreign idioms. It has to do with history and historical context. It has to do with understanding our world more than just what our individual expertise covers.

Ecological literacy has to do with understanding how living organisms grow, mutate, take over other living organisms, survive, thrive, die off, and reproduce. Eco systems are complex situations involving both animals and vegetation, and which involves the cooperation of each participant in order for every other part of the cycle to be able to perform its function.

When lizards are transferred by shipping to another country and then are allowed to reproduce without any natural predators which feed on them, they can cause havoc and destruction and they can run amok. One of the solutions presented to this problem is for local inhabitants of lizard infested areas to export them as a delicacy to areas in which the lizards are eaten.

Envirosafe Solutions has performed the same function in a different way. All of the news, the occurrence of pollution which not only degrades rivers and oceans but also pipes and sewers is of prime importance. We have addressed this problem by specializing in some typically hardcore chemicals which are also safe for our eco systems. Marine glass cleaner and sanitiser are considered pretty tame, but our mould rid, rust converter and radiator coolant are definitely hard chemicals which can cause degradation in other forms. In our chemicals, though, such problems are prevented. We only provide eco friendly industrial liquid, and therefore have stopped a lot of these compound issues from occurring in the first place. Our goal is to help you continue your quality of life and business while also being assured of your eco friendly solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.