Coastline Degradation and Renewal

The Australian coastline degradation results from several factors, some of which are weather related. However, the primary reason Eco Eco FriendlyFriendlyis that the earth or sand on the coastline is pulled away from it at a faster rate than it is returned to it. This is partly due to industries setting up facilities on the water front, thus drilling into the rock and earth and essentially breaking it up. After that, it occurs when there are large disturbances on this broken up rock, either due to weather or due to human manipulation of the surface area. Rather than sifting out and sifting back in, the coastline is essentially broken up and allowed to dissolve in the water. If left untouched for a few decades, the coastline may actually build back up over time, but this is unlikely since people are still finding uses for setting up machinery operations on the waterfront.

When such degradation occurs, it is necessary to rethink all contact with it. It must be allowed to stabilize but in order for that to happen, the Australian people would lose a great deal in industrial production and manufacturing. That is where the question of ecological safety comes in. Who is willing to give up their own accomplishments and productivity resulting from the industrial worksite on the coastline in order to essentially let it set for a while? Who is willing to avoid beaching and running around on it? The topic can be quite controversial and both sides have well thought out arguments.

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