Community Gardens and Local Economies

Community gardens often spring into existence for one of two reasons. First, a liberal, eco friendly neighborhood is seeking to become moreCommunity Gardens and Local Economies sustainable, and second, our youth are learning prize business skills and community responsibility by volunteering in the gardens after school.

Now, a lot of people believe that both scenarios are worthy of creating a community garden, but usually, these gardens come into being for one of the reasons.

When it comes to our youth, there is no better place to instill a sense of moral fiber and community growth than in a neighborhood garden. Gardening includes a lot of basic virtues with which we would like our children to be endowed. For example, hard work, planning, patience, the scientific method, pest control and eradication, bookkeeping, community event sponsoring, and loads of other business skills are learned in the involvement of a community garden.

However, more than the youth are helped in these places of growth. The local economy becomes significantly, measurably, more independent by setting up a community garden, especially one in which the neighborhood youth volunteer. Supermarkets can display the extra food outside, people who are hungry can come and volunteer and take home food as a payment, and less time and money are being spent upon external resources being brought in to feed the population of the community.

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What more could you ask for?

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