Adding the Numbers When You Travel

Adding the Numbers When You TravelWhen you add the numbers while traveling, you can have a whole range of benefits. First, you are acutely aware of how much you spend, so you don’t overspend at the beginning of your vacation. Second, you are aware of how much fuel and resources you are using to get from one place to another. This enables you to keep track of better and better ways to travel in an eco friendly manner in the future. Thirdly, you can keep track of where you are and the people with whom you associate, which is important because some cultures highly value creative skill and eco friendly or sustainable practices. If there are a lot of wise elderly people in your travel group who have experience with being eco friendly, then you can learn from them and add to your own private database of ecological information.

Adding the numbers when you travel also gives you the opportunity to be extremely aware of how the flow of humanity and the different layers of the service industry really interact and work together to bring their patrons a quality travel experience. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to look at the underbelly of the service industry too much, or the “magic” is lost in your eyes. One of the primary reasons why luxury or private vacations are so popular is that all of the work behind the scenes is never visible to the people for whom it is done. That is very valuable.

Now, the same situation applies in your office or your worksite. The cleanup crew, whoever they may be at the time, has to use chemicals to further the cleaning and disinfecting process, but the truth is that if you add the numbers, you will see that you can have an eco friendly supply of chemicals, a lot of different chemicals the ones your crew normally would use, which are all safe for planet earth. Now, that is one of the primary reasons why we encourage you to dump the products you are currently using, try our non-polluting sanitiser, disinfectant, and mould rid, and try very hard not to look smug when you keep ordering from us while your competitors still use that harsh, sticky, filmy stuff which makes their work so much more difficult.

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