City Parks and Urban Scavenging

City Parks and Urban ScavengingIt has become a pretty unique fad among the eccentric power elite to engage in “urban harvesting” or “urban scavenging.” This involves going throughout the city in which you live and picking fruit from the trees and harvesting small, city gardens of their fruit. It means that you find fruit and vegetables in the most unlikely of places and that you scavenge whatever you can get your hands on. You have to go a long distance to get a lot of food, but it is certainly a way of surviving and demonstrating eco social responsibility if you live in a large city.

Of course, not everyone wants to shy away from their weekly trips to the grocery store. After all, it saves time and physical energy which could otherwise be used to scavenge in the city, and what you have gathered may not cover all of the energy you burned throughout the day. In this respect, scavenging may actually end up costing much more than it gives, but it still contributes majorly to using our planet in a responsible way.

In fact, many people do not realize how each individual action they make impacts a total of ten people outward from their circle of influence. That is ten layers deep for every tiny action a person creates. That is huge, and it really adds up over time. What many people do not realize is that, even if their actions are done in private and nobody sees them, they still impact ten layers deep of people around them. We are all creating this world around us at the same time. We are all using our influence to affect the world in which we live, even if the initial action was done in private.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we understand the nature of private actions adding up to big social change. You probably won’t advertise to your clients that you use eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner from Envirosafe Solutions, but the fact that you spend money on and invest in the environment makes huge social change. More actions create more waves. To learn more about the impact of Envirosafe Solutions on your business, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.