“Going green” now recognised as a productivity booster

For much of the recent past, corporate and business leaders have viewed “going green” as more of a public relations exercise than anything else. Switching to green business practices is often thought of as a cumbersome and expensive exercise, the main benefit of which is improved public perception of a company.

Without believing in the real value of green practices, many businesses have been hesitant to adopt changes. Failure to recognise and understand the intrinsic benefits of going green has been a huge obstruction to environmental progress.

Luckily, however, things appear to be changing. In March this year CoreNet Global and Jones Lang LaSalle released a new survey on sustainability in corporate real estate. Numerous interviews with corporate real estate executives (those in charge of buying office space) revealed that sustainability and green credentials are now a major consideration in choosing where to locate staff.

A vast majority of executives indicated that they were willing to pay more for space in “green offices”. This is because healthy and sustainable office space is known to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Disregarding any external pressure to adopt green policies, companies are now realising that sustainability is better for their own bottom line.

This latest survey is evidence that “going green” is a powerful investment in the future of your business. Not simply for external reasons such as image and customer relations, but for the fundamental strength and innovation of your company. Healthy employees are productive employees, so providing a green and safe workplace is an investment that pays for itself.

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