Formaldehyde – Nasty Stuff!

The name ‘Formaldehyde’ has a bit of a nasty ring to it these days, and not without good reason. Even very limited exposure to the stuff can induce severe irritation of the throat, nose and eyes. Those unlucky enough to suffer long term Formaldehyde exposure can develop respiratory illnesses and eventually lung cancer.[i] The dangers of Formaldehyde are well-known, and around the world its sale and use is being increasingly restricted and regulated.

The reason that Formaldehyde exposure is such a serious issue is that we use the stuff in enormous quantities. You could describe Formaldehyde as a “building-block” chemical. It’s the precursor to innumerable other more advanced chemical compounds, and utilised in a vast array of industrial applications. In fact, we wouldn’t have made it very far without the assistance of Formaldehyde – it’s allowed us to create materials for the textile industry, automobile manufacture, tissue embalming, industrial adhesives, insulation, paint, explosives and a whole lot more.

Formaldehyde is also a potent biocide, capable of killing most bacteria and fungi. Because of this, Formaldehyde has been a major ingredient in disinfectants, including hand wash solutions, detergents and even toilet treatments. For all the convenience of using a powerful biocide like Formaldehyde, this is thought to a key contributing factor to some negative health effects. Skin absorption through contact with a Formaldehyde solution is one of the leading causes of harmful exposure.[ii]

In modern times this is one of the most dangerous and unnecessary uses of Formaldehyde. Today we are aware of numerous other non-harmful biocides  that perform the same disinfectant functions without the health hazards. One such safe biocide is Benzalkonium Chloride…..

Envirosafe Solutions is constantly researching alternative biocides and do not use Formaldehyde in any of their products.

Studies have concluded that benzalkonium chloride-based hand sanitisers perform just as well as traditional competing products. [iii]

So if you want a safe, healthy alternative then call Envirosafe Solutions today and enquire about there Extreme Green range of products. Their number is 1300 88 90 70




[MS1]This seems a bit fragmented and not complete somehow – there should also be a tie in with the relevant evss product I think – also very short on words…