Working With the Laws of Nature, Not Against Them

When a river is dammed, the engineer is harnessing the power of water and turning it into mills and electricity and many other things. However,Working With the Laws of Nature, Not Against Them the gain from a dam can be several times undone by what the dam creates: soil erosion.

When farmers want their vegetables to be bigger and healthier, they target the pests which target the plants. They use pesticides and herbicides to wipe out the bugs, the larvae, and the weeds. This way, their crops become tall and huge and strong and healthy. However, in the long run, these pesticides are soaked into the soil, requiring better fertilization and more work than would have originally been required if the plants had been able to decay into natural soil and then grown again.

Sometimes, when we see a process of nature that works, we isolate this process and seek very hard to utilize its full potential, ignoring how other processes of nature are dependent upon this initial flow. There must be a better way to work with nature, but we often forget about the big picture in our hurry to utilize the best possible resources for the best possible reasons…or so we think.

Chemicals are made by isolating certain chemical compounds, combining them together to make new compounds, and then by mass distributing them. Some of these chemicals have far reaching negative effects upon eco systems, all of which support life, including ours.

It is necessary to produce chemicals which work WITH the earth, rather than AGAINST it. The solution is Envirosafe Solutions, a company which distributes environmentally friendly liquids, such as fuel conditioner and toilet bowl cleaner, to businesses, jobsites, offices and homes all over Australia. Our goal is to keep our planet and this country as safe and as sustainable as possible. Eco friendly industrial liquid of all types is available from us, including our hard water laundry liquid or our soil wetta. Work with the laws of nature, never against them. Call to order from Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.