Within the Womb

Within the WombIn his book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, William Bryant Logan talks about the nature of crystals, clays, granite, stone and rock, compost, dirt, manure, and everything else related to the ground upon which we walk. Toward the end of the book, he describes how scientists, trying to determine how to create organic compounds from earth, have discovered that it is, indeed, possible to derive organic chemical systems from clay which can later on develop into living organisms. The conditions of the clay, the crystals, and the pre-biotic goo can eventually develop into living organisms.

Do we need to have discussion about creation versus evolution?

According to William Bryant Logan, the two cases can actually coexist. Logan describes how the evidence for both cases is overwhelming and that the evidence for the mutual exclusion between them in almost nil. That means that both creation and evolution could have been, and perhaps was, possible at the same time.

The seed embedded within the womb seems the creation of all life. Whether it was from primordial ooze, humans having babies, or plant seeds finding their place in the womb of the earth, the phallic symbols of crystals, seed pods, and human reproductive organs all match up in an intergalactic cohesion of symbols.

In the modern world, things like sex and gardening are exploited for their greatest efficiency potential, rather than being valued for the life reproducing energy they bring to the earth. We may all use things like solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, or glue remover, but these are merely tools to bring about our end goals. These aid in more efficiency.

What if the two worlds were combined?

What if abundant life sustainability and convenient efficiency were both possible?

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